Project Name: Register of Officers.

Project Source: Register of officers of the National Guard and Naval Militia of California: (April 7, 1917). Sacramento, Calif.: Adjutant General's Dept., 1917, 26 pgs.

Project Manager: Ron Filion

Transcribers: Candi Zizek, Pamela Storm, Rich Wharff, Sharon Yost, Betty Vickroy, Doug Urbanus, Luana Shaw, Dee Sardoch, Margie Newton, Crystal Millberry, Darlene MacDowell, Joseph Kral, Beth Humphrey, Sandra Harris, Linda Hamid, Cathy Gowdy, Ron Filion, Carolyn Ferobyn, Aviva Ernst, Marilyn Demas, Judie Cook, Marie Clayton, Jill Crowhurst Chesnik, Darleen Berens, Sande Beach.

Notice: This data is donated to the Public Domain by TAG, 2004, and may be copied freely by anyone to anywhere.

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