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Druids Select Grand Officers
Oakland is Making a Fight to Entertain the Next Grand Grove

Santa Rosa June 24 The principal business to come before the grand circle and grand grove of Druids at their sessions yesterday was the election of officers.  This was not completed until late in the afternoon.  The officers elected in the grand circle were as follows:

Grand arch druidess, Sister Della HARDIN of San Francisco; grand first bard, Sister Bertha REEG of Placerville; grand second bard, Sister Sarah ARMSTRONG of San Francisco; grand secretary, Sister Ida E. WHEELER of San Francisco; grand treasurer, Sister Eleanor HELLMAN of San Francisco; grand conductress, Sister Carrie V. FISHER of Oakland; grand inside guardian, Sister Emma WOOLSEY of Colma; grand sentinel, Sister Marie DE FARIE of Oakland; grand chaplain, Sister Mary KENNEY of San Francisco; grand organist, Sister Eva WOLFF of San Francisco; grand trustees, Sister Julia VALENCIA of Novato, Sister Millie MC KENZIE of Napa and Sister Louisa MOZZINI of Los Angeles; grand auditors, Sister J. VOLPI, Sister H. MAC DONALD and Sister A. TEAGER, all of Los Angeles.  Mrs. WOLFF, the grand organist, was re-elected for the sixth time yesterday.

These are the new officers of the grand grove:  Noble grand arch, D. GIOVANNONI of San Francisco; deputy grand arch, Charles O. DUNBAR of Santa Rosa; grand secretary, G.A. GUGHELMONI of San Francisco; grand treasurer, George F. RENKEN of San Francisco; grand marshal, Forrest COBURN of San Francisco; grand herald, Joseph LAWRENCE of San Jose, grand guardian, James A. MC MANUS of San Francisco, grand trustees, C.A. MAGISTRA of San Francisco; V. TOSACNO of Los Banos, A. ORLANDI of San Francisco, James GOSPEDNOTICH of Los Angeles; John L. POLITO of San Francisco and Thomas SPELLMAN of Colma.  The greatest contest was over the position of deputy grand arch, DUNBAR being victorious by more than the combined vote of his competitors, Messrs. V. WRIGHT of San Luis Obispo and W. GALLAGHER of San Francisco.

Oakland, Eureka and San Jose are contending for the honor of entertaining the next grand grove.

Source: Oakland Tribune, June 24, 1909.
Thank you to Bev Colgin for submitting this article.

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