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Source: El Rodeo Nineteen-Hundred Forty-Eight
Published by the Associated Students of the California State Polytechnic College, San Luis Obispo, California, June 1948
Loren HILLMAN - Senior Class President
Archie AHRENDES - Vice-President
Al FILIPPONI - SAC Representative
Ray GARRETT - Secretary-Treasurer
ADAMS, Donald - Lindsay, Agricultural Engineering, Degree
AHRENDES, Archie - San Luis Obispo, Ornamental Horticulture, Degree
ALLEN, Edwin - SanLuis Obispo, Aeronautics, Degree
AMBERG, John - Ashland, Ore., Animal Husbandry, Technical
AMOS, Lucien Paul - Dairy Husbandry, Vocational
ANDERSON, Edward - Salinas, Animal Husbandry, Degree
ANDERSON, Jack R. - San Luis Obispo, Ornamental Horticulture, Degree
ARNOLD, Richard - Pasadena, Animal Husbandry, Degree
AVERY, Herbert - Madera, Animal Husbandry, Technical
BAILEY, John - San Luis Obispo, Crop Production, Degree
BELL, Melvin - Gooding, Idaho, Air Conditioning, Degree
BENNETT, Daryl -  Lynwood, Poultry Husbandry, Degree
BERTOLINI, Victor - Arcata, Dairy Production, Technical
BETTENCOURT, Edward - Livingston, Dairy Manufacturing, Degree
BORELY, John - Puente, Mechanical Engineering, Technical
BORROR, Bruce - Springville, Dairy Production, Vocational
BOWERS, Bates - Animal Husbandry, Technical
BRETTON, David - Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Technical
BROWN, Gillian - San Luis Obispo, Ornamental Horticulture, Degree
BUDD, Otho - Electrical Engineering, Degree
BUNDESEN, Herbert - Petaluma - Poultry Husbandry, Degree
BURGESS, Edward - Hydesville, Dairy Manufacturing, Degree
CAREL, Hubert - San Luis Obispo, Aeronautics, Degree
CHAMBERLAIN, John - Animal Husbandry, Degree
CLARK, Wallace - Vista, Agricultural Inspection, Degree
COCHRAN, Clyde - Ocala, Fla., Electrical Engineering, Vocational
COLEMAN, C. Thomas - San Luis Obispo, Mechanical Engineering, Degree
COLEMAN, James - San Francisco, Ornamental Horticulture, Degree
CONNOR, John - Los Angeles, Animal Husbandry, Degree
COOK, Philip - Sacramento, Poultry Husbandry, Degree
COOPS, Don - Animal Husbandry, Technical
CRANE, Raymond - Crops Production, Technical
CRAWFORD, Donald - Bakersfield, Dairy Husbandry, Degree
DANA, Richard - San Jose, Agricultural Inspection, Degree
DAVIS, Jarrold - San Luis Obistpo, Animal Husbandry, Degree
DURBIN, Edward - Hamilton, Ohio, Electrical Engineering, Degree
EHRET, John - Venice, Aeronautics, Degree
ELDER, John - Electrical Engineering, Vocational
ELLIS, Fred - Agricultural Inspection, Degree
EMMONS, James Jr. - San Luis Obispo, Air Conditioning, Degree
ENGEL, Alfred - San Luis Obispo, Air Conditioning, Technical
FIESTER, Don - Crops Production, Technical
FILIPPONI, Alfred - San Luis Obispo, Dairy Manufacturing, Degree
FLAMSON, James - Paso Robles, Crop Productions, Degree
FLEISHMAN, William - Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Technical
FLIPSE, David - Citrus Fruit Production, Degree
FREEMAN, William - Palo Alto, Dairy Manufacturing, Degree
GALLI, Thomas -  Paso Robles, Poultry Husbandry, Degree
GARDENER, Allen, Jr. - Simi - Agricultural Inspection - Degree
GARRETT, Ray - San Luis Obispo, Fruit Production, Degree
GARRITY, John - San Bernardino - Ornamental Horticulture, Degree
GAYNOR, Lee - Animal Husbandry, Degree
GERETY, Leo - Air Conditioning, Technical
GRAHAM, William - Animal Husbandry
GRIGSBY, Philip - Ducor, Animal Husbandry, Vocational
GRUBE, Lester - Poultry Husbandry, Degree
GUPTON, Benjamin, Jr. - San Mateo - Animal Husbandry, Degree
HALCOMB, John - Bakersfield, Animal Husbandry, Special
HALL, Richard - Aeronautical Engineering, Technical
HANDSFIELD, Robert - Anaheim, Electrical Engineering, Degree
HANSEN, Hans, Jr. - Caruthers, Dairy Manufacturing, Degree
HARDERS, Adrian - Animal Husbandry, Degree
HARPER, George, Jr. - Morro Bay, Electrical Engineering, Technical
HARRIS, Leroy - Merced, Poultry Husbandry, Technical
HEALD, Ernest - Monrovia, Field Corps, Degree
HEGLER, Stanley - Aeronautical Engineering, Technical
HENDERSON, Max - San Luis Obispo, Animal Husbandry, Degree
HIETT, Harold - Modesto, Dairy Production, Technical
HILLMAN, Loren - Beverly Hills, Animal Husbandry, Degree
HOLCOMB, Charles - San Leandro, Electrical Engineering, Technical
HOLMES, THOMAS - San Luis Obispo, Field Crops, Degree
HURLIKAN, Harry - Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Vocational
JEWEL, Marion - Animal Husbandry, Degree
KALER, Willard - San Luis Obispo, Agricultural Inspection, Degree
KEAST, Wayne - Poultry Husbandry, Degree
KILTS, Ralph - Aeronautical Engineering, Degree
KOVALL, Harley - Animal Husbandry, Vocational
KURTZ, Albert - Denver, Colo., Animal Husbandry, Degree
LAMONT, James - Upland, Fruit Production, Degree
LEN, Ralph - Los Angeles, Poultry Husbandry, Degree
LUCE, Vernon - Sacramento, Electrical Engineering, Degree
MADGE, Paul - Whittier, Agriculture Inspection, Degree
MASON, Evered - Los Gatos, Animal Husbandry, Technical
MAYHEW, Clar - Agricultural Inspection, Degree
McELVAIN, Donald - Alameda, Aeronautics, Degree
McKENDRY, Wilfred -  Oxnard, Fruit Production, Degree
MERITHEW, Clinton - Los Angeles, Aeronautics, Degree
MEYERS, Herbert - Towndsend, Wash., Air Conditioning, Technkical
MILLS, Donald R. - Anaheim, Electrical Engineering, Technical
MILLS, Robert H. - San Dimas, Animal Husbandry, Degree
MOHR, Robert -  Redondo Beach, Aeronautics, Degree
MOORE, William - San Diego, Animal Husbandry, Degree
MORROW, Frank - Animal Husbandry, Technical
MOTMANS, August - Palo Alto, Aeronautics, Degree
MUNRO, Alexander - Animal Husbandry, Degree
MURPHY, Nicholas - Air Conditioning, Degree
MYERS, Robert - Norwalk, Animal Husbandry, Degree
NASRALLAH, Emil - Zahleh, Lebanon, Aeronautics, Degree
O'NEILL, James - Glendale, Animal Husbandry, Degree
PARSON, Howard - Air Conditioning, Degree
PEROZZI, Martin - San Luis Obispo, Air Conditioning, Degree
PERRY, Alfred - Tulare, Electrical Engineering, Degree
PHILLIPS, James - Santa Barbara - Animal Husbandry, Degree
PIERCE, Charles - San Luis Obispo, Crop Production, Degree
PIESTER, Carl - Corona, Animal Husbandry, Degree
QUIGLEY, Hervery - Aeroautical Engineering, Degree
RAINS, Grover - San Luis Obispo, Air Conditioning, Degree
RANDOLPH, Clinton - Crops Production, Degree
RAYBOURN, Robert - Three Rivers, Animal Husbandry, Degree
REMMEL, Raymond - Mechanical Engineering, Degree
RILEY, Herbert -  Orcutt, Poultry Husbandry, Degree
RILEY, Walter - Animal Husbandry, Vocational
RUSH, Rodney - Grass Valley, Air Conditioning, Degree
SAHM, Leslie - San Luis Obispo, Dairy Manufacturing, Degree
SANFORD, Keith - San Luis Obispo, Air Conditioning, Degree
SCHULTZ, Gordon, Jr. - Sacramento, Animal Husbandry, Degree
SCOTT, William  Electrical Indsutries, Vocational
SEATON, Donald, Jr. -  San Luis Obispo, Crop Production, Degree
SELLA, Harry, Jr. - Susanville, Dairy Production, Degree
SHINER, Mansel - San Luis Obispo, Animal Husbandry, Degree
SLATER, William - Agricultural Engineering, Vocational
SMITH, Francis - San Francisco, Animal Husbandry, Degree
SMITH, Warner - Huntington Park, Animal Husbandry, Degree
STEPHANS, Kenneth - Mentone, Agriculture Inspection, Degree
STEPHENS, Kenneth - Agricultural Inspection, Degree
STEWART, Frank - Morro Bay, Science and Humanities, Degree
SUMMERFIELD, Peter - San Luis Obispo, Animal Husbandry, Degree
SUMMERS, Lawrence - Poultry, Vocational
SUTTER, Joseph - Covina, Aeronautics, Degree
TAYLOR, William - Santa Barbara, Agriculture Inspection, Degree
TODD, William - Animal Husbandry, Degree
TOLLGAARD, Raymond - San Luis Obispo, Poultry Husbandry, Degree
VAN, Burton - San Luis Obispo, Aeronautics, Degree
WALDORF, Virgil - Electrical Industries, Technical
WALKER, Francisc D - Ferndale, Dairy Manufacturing, Degree
WALKER, Herbert M. - San Luis Obispo, Animal Husbandry, Degree
WARD, Eugene -  Riverside, Dairy Manufacturing, Degree
WENTZEL, Roland - St. Louis, Mo., Dairy Production, Degree
WHITNEY, Eugene - Lemon Grove, Animal Husbandry, Degree
WILSON, James - Animal Husbandry, Technical
WOLFF, William - San Luis Obispo, Aeronautics, Degree
ZAHN, Jerome - Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Vocational

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