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Source: The Evening Bee (Sacramento, CA), 8 June 1906, Page 6.
Thank you to Betty Loose for transcribing this material.


Sovereign Grand Lodge Of Colored Masons Closes Sessions Of Important Annual Gathering

MARYSVILLE (Yuba Co.), June 8 - When the delegates of the fifty-second annual communication of the Grand Lodge of Colored Masons took their departure for home to-day, each carried a souvenir of Marysville, being an excellent photograph of the new Packard Library with the members of the Grand Lodge posed on the steps of the magnificent building.

The session of the Grand Lodge, which has been a most interesting one throughout, was formally closed in Turner Hall last night with the installation of the newly-chosen Grand officers. The following were inducted into office:

Grand Master, R.C. MARSHALL, Coronado (re-elected)
Deputy Grand Master, Charles H. TINSLEY, San Francisco
Senior Grand Warden, Curtis HAMMOND, Los Angeles
Junior Grand Warden, G.W. BOYDEN, Stockton
Grand Treasurer, T.A. HARRIS, Los Angeles
Grand Secretary, G.W. WILSON, Marysville
Grand Lecturer, Dr. R.J. FLETCHER, Sacramento
Grand Chaplain, Rev. Dr. J. Gordon McPHERSON, Sacramento
Grand Orator, Rev. J.H. WILSON, Riverside
Grand Marshal, A.H. HENDERSON, San Francisco
Grand Senior Deacon, D.R. YOUNG, Oakland
Grand Junior Deacon, E.W. JOHNSON, Redding
Grand Senior Steward, J.W. MYERS, Hanford
Grand Junior Steward, T.H. LONG, Pasadena
Grand Bible Bearer, Rev. John M. COLLINS, Stockton
Grand Standard Bearer, F.D. McCLANAHAN, Bakersfield
Grand Sword Bearer, W.A. MARTIN, San Francisco
Grand Pursuviant, Charles E. POGUE, Marysville
Grand Organist, J.C. SPICER, Los Angeles
Grand Tyler, B.E. ROBINSON, Marysville
Committee on Jurisprudence, Dr. R.J. FLETCHER, Chairman
Committee on Finance, J.C.RIVERS, Chairman
Committee on Grievance, L. HOWARD, Chairman
Committee on Foreign Correspondence, George W. WILSON, Chairman.

A grand promenade concert followed, being given by Laurel Lodge No. 6, in honor of the visitors.During the forenoon session yesterday several communications from Eastern Grand Lodges of the Order, bringing greeting and also words of sympathy were read.

One of the important acts of this session of the Grand Lodge is the adoption of a new constitution for the governing of the subordinate Lodges of the jurisdiction.

As a token of the respect in which they hold their Grand Chaplain and in recognition of his faithful services, the delegates presented Rev. Dr. J. Gordon McPHERSON with a gold pin.

Resolutions were adopted thanking the local Lodge for their cordial treatment and the press for courtesies extended.

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