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Source: The Loyola Yearbook of 1925, Published by the Students of Loyola College, Los Angeles, California, June 1925


Rt. Rev. Mgr. P. HARNETT, LL.D. '05
Vincent Adrian COSTELLO, A.M. '23, L.L.B. '24
Angus R. LINDLEY, B.S. '00, M.S. '02
Vincent B. VAUGHAN, A.B. '21

Leo I. AGGELER, Law '24, is a very active member of the District Attorney's office, where he may be found at all times, laboring in behalf of the prosecution. As president of the Loyola Club, Leo has served well and faithfully, and many results have come to Loyola through his aid. Leo rece3ived his crown of victory in August, when his success before the bar examiners was announced.

Mervyn A. AGGELER, H.S. '23, is now attending Notre Dame, where he is taking a pre-legal course. Mervyn is anxious to follow in the footsteps of his father, to say nothing of his brother Leo.

William F. AGGELER, H.S. '20, graduated from Caltech last June. After receiving his degree in engineering he went to San Francisco, where he is with the Pacific Gas and Electric Company.

Vincent B. ANDREAS, B.S. '06, the eminent Texas banker, is the active vice-president of the Texas National Bank at El Paso. Good luck!

J.W. AICHER has taken up the study of law at Loyola, thus using his evenings to advantage, while his days are given over to the Shell Oil Company.

Simon AMESTROY put in an appearance at the last Loyola dance, and it seemed good to see him around once again.

Louis ALKER, H.S. '18 is in the employ of the Jameson Oil Company. Louie is a valuable office man and looks after the order department.

Henry G. ALKER, H.S. '23 is in his second year at the Seminary at Menlo, where he seems to be well contendted, judging from the occasional news we have from him.

Albert N. ANTON, H.S. '23 has started his medical studies at Notre Dame. Though N.D. may be a great institution, Al always enjoys his return visits to Los Angeles.

Charles M. BABBITT, '16 is at present living in Pasadena, but expects to return shortly to Flagstaff, Arizona, tgo look after the varied interests of the Babbitt Bros.

George B. BABBITT, '17, is back at the old home town, Flagstaff. Send us a picture of yourself riding the range, George; we would like to publish it with your autograph.

Paul J. BABBITT, '16 is also looking after Babbitt Bros. at Flagstaff. If you want cows or cars, plade your order with Paul and he'll see it through.

Wayne BANNING has forsaken this protion of the globe and has wandered off to Honolulu, where he is connected with the Hawaiian Electric Company. Drop us a line from the isles, Wayne, and let us hear all about yourself.

Geo. W. BARNARD, '08 is in the real estate business and has his offices located in Los Angeles.

Leslie V. BARNES, A.B., '22 has not been seen nor heard from since he left to study for the prieshood. Leslie is back at St. Paul Seminary, St. Paul, Minn.

Wm. A. BARNHILL is engaged in the practive of law in the city of Fresno. Bill was a member of the class of '09, and is another of the old St. Vincent's boys from whom we would like to hear occasionally.

Joseph P. BARRY, H.S. '13 kay be found any day down at the City Hall, if one wanders near the enginering department, as Joe is a building city engineer.

Gaston A. BASTANCHURY, '06 as a rancher caps the list. The large Bastanchury Ranch in Orange County is under his careful management, and if you pass by you may well laud his efforts in orange cultivation.

Francis A. BELL, '098 is still located in the north, where he has charge of the San Franciwsco freight department of the Santa Fe.

Leo P. BERGIN, '02 has put his B.S. degree to great use, as head of the chemistry department of the Los Angeles Soap Company. Leo is also mindful of the Alumni, and takes time to visit us occasionally. Good work Leo!

Anthony E. BERTERO, H.S. '17 is more than a stranger at Loyola. These married men surely make themselves scarce. Yet with the United States Steel Corporation one would think he could steal time for a little visit.

Jules F. BERTERO, H.S. '21 is a member of the student body of St. Louis University, where he is studying medicine. Go to it, Jules, and Slice 'em.

Henry G. BODKIN, '06 as a law professor is a frequent visitor to Loyola's walls. Henry is now located in the Washington building. So just bring your troubles to him.

John R. BRADSTREET, J.S.J., H.S. '21 is now a student at Los Gatos, and if we can judge correctly is still the same husky as ever. Thus the result of regular hours.

M.S. BRANNEN, '08 is still looking after the Gas and Electric Appliance business in San Pedro, where he is quite prominent in K. of C. circles.

Peter BREEN, Law Class of '24 is practicing law in Nevada. He is a member of the firm of Monahan and Breen, in Gilbert, Esmeralda County. We also hear that he is a director and secretary of one of the mining companies up there. Atta boy, Pete, go to it, and let us hear from you often.

Frank J. BRICK, Law '24 is now devoting his efforts to the management ofn direction of the California Military Academy. As a conmmander of the young fellows Frank is right there; but wait until he cuts loos in the law. Drop in, boys, and see Frank some time, and meet his wife. Yes, married shortly after his success at the bar examination.,

James T. BURROUGHTS, H.S. '12 delights the large audiences at the Metropolitan Theatre quite frequently by his enjoyable voice. Come over to some of the Alumni gatherings and sing for us, Jim.

Ormonde S. BUTLER, H.S. '12 will mix to suit your fancy, any variety of paint which you can desire. Run out Main to about Twentieth and there you'll find him in the glory of the paint business.

James E. CAMPBELL, H.S. '21. Rumor has it that Jim is not only a muchly married man, but also that he is designated by the title of "Father." Congratulations, Jim!

Maurice CASEY, H.S. '20. Where are you hiding, Casey? The long distance telephone must have carried you away. Come around and greet the old crowd once again.

Walter T. CASEY, B.S. '10 is developing quite a following in the legal professions. Go to it, Walter, and set the exmple for the younger men.

Louis J. CLARKE, H.S. '16 is first assistant to John D. himself. Yes, Louie and the Standard Oil are old friends. Louie has charge of one of the downtown districts, in which he develops the sales with great success.

Joseph M. CLARK, H.S. '19 is rapidly developing into a full fledged Jesuit up at Mt. Saint Michael's., Hillyard, Washington. Joe is so buy studying that we hear but little from him.

Edwin P. CLARK, H.S. '17 sells lumber by the yard or foot; just ask him. Moreover, he sticks to the Alumni, and is with us at our affairs, without fail.

J. Walter CLUNE, H.S. '14. He, whose name spells printing, is one of the real old stock, stilled with the St. Vincent's spirit, a doer and a booster. If you want anything, Walter is your man, as he will put it over where others fail.

James B. COMBER. H.S. '17 retails real estate. Whittier Boulevard is the camping ground of Jim, and if you want something pretty, turn to Belbvedere.

Darrell CONDLEY, H.S. '22 is eagerly aspiring to the contractor's art, under the careful guidance of his father. Darrell is an occasional visitor at Loyola, as he never forgets to drop in when he is near.

John F. CONNOLLY, S.J., H.S. '17 is now a member of the faculty of Gonzaga University.

Charles C. CONROY, '98, the man of untold degrees, is a highly valued professor at the Conaty Memorial High School. Few of the old St. Vincen'ts Alumni fail to keep up their correspondence with him, and in this way we always hear of their doings. Keep up the good work, and may others follow the excellent example; then a forgotten Alumnus would, indeed, be a thing unknown. We thank him for his help in compiling this section of the Annual.

Yorke COPLEN, H.S. '24 is following up his musical studies, and some day we look forward to hearing the second Kreisler.

George J. COTE, Jr., H.S. '18 the speedometer Whizz, is now conducting the Pasadena branch of Moran and McMenamy. Between his home in Hollywood and his work in Pasadena, George travels many a mile, and so has the habit of traveling to Alumni meetings.

Howard V. COTE, H.S. 18, the growing glass magnate, besides selling Fraters glass to all the world on his Howard Vilroy Junior. The young son is some husky.

C.J. COUTS, an old St. Vincent's graduate of '11, is a prosperous rancher of San Diego County.

Rev. J.J. COX, '10, is now the pastor of the church at Santa Paul, having been moved there from Monterey Park.

Charles CRAM, H.S. '18, is seldom seen in Los Angeles, except at the week-end, as he is now a busy rancher at the famous Camulos Rancho. Otherwise Charlie is just the same.

John Al CRONIN, H.S. '18, has almost completed his medical course, and is now located in San Francisco, where he is receiving a little practical hospital experience.

Norbert CROWLEY, H.S. '21, has taken up the work of an engineer and is busy with various construction jobs, having recently been laboring out at Palos Verdes.

Orzo W. CHILDS, H.S. '24, has become a diligent student at the Southern Branch of the University of California. Loyola has quite a gathering now at the Branch.

Edward P. CUNNINGHAM, H.S. '24, went East to school this year, being attracted to the great N.D., where he is following the foreign commerce course.

George G. CUNNINGHAM, H.S. '22, sells all the earth from Slauson to the sea. If you doubt it, drop by the F.H. Dolan office and you'll soon be convinced.

David E. DAZE, S.J., H.S. '14, has returned to Loyola College as science professor. Mr. DAZE, S.J., looked after the destiny of athletics until Father GILBERT arrived. He is also faculty moderator of the Alumni Association.

Wm. J. DAZE, B.S., '11, has charge of the amusements and other concessions in the city parks, and is an able provider of entertainment.

Charles DeBRIERE, H.S., '19, is driving out of the Auto Club's highway patrols. Charlie may be found out in the Pasadena district almost any day, big and fine as ever.

Arthur DELANEY, H.S. '17, has entered the oil dispensing business and is now conducting a service station for the Standard Oil Company.

Bernard DELANEY, H.S. '17, has entered the oil dispensing business and is now conducting a service station for the Standard Oil Company.

Bernard DEASY, H.S. '21, as a salesman tops the list. He is with the California Glass Company. He never forgets to drop in at the old Alma Mater, whenever he is able.

Peter A. DEASY, H.S. '22, is finishing his second year at Los Gatos, where he is a member of the Loyola colony.

Adam C. DERKUM, '97, is still in the far off Phillippines, on the Island of Romblon, where he is Superintendent of Schools.

Oliver W. DELANEY, H.S. '14, has entered the druggist business, and is out on Vermont and Santa Monica Bouldevard.

R.P. DEAKES, H.S. '24, is now a student at the Southern Branch, where we are expecting to develop a branch office of the Loyola Club.

Carl M. DETTMAN, besides abandoning the Sunny South, fled off to Jacksonville and thence to Canada, where he is pursuing his sdtudies. However, he still has the longing for California and Loyola.

Larrt DEVLIN, H.S. '17, is a familiar figure at Loyola, where he takes upon himself the careful guidance of some of the younger football aspirants, and acquits himself with credit. As a developer of grid meat, Larry is right there.

Patrick F. DEVLIN, H.S. '21, is another glass salesman, who is with the California Glass and Paint Company.

Dr. Edwart T. DILLON, '97, has reached great prominence in medical circles, being on the staff of the St. Vincent's Hospital. The doctor is always mindful of the needs of Loyola, and is every ready to help.

Edward V. DOCKWEILER has been a frequent visitor to the City of the Angels since the fleet has made San Pedro its home.

John F. DOCKWIELER, '18, is now practicing law in association with his father. John was married early in April. Congratulations!

Rev. Albert F. DONTANVILLE, H.S. '15, has returned to the parish work in the city. He is now at the Church of the Divine Savior.

James E. DOLAN, H.S., 17, is finishing his studies at Menlo park, and we expect to have Jim back with us soon.

James G. DONOVAN, Law '24, after finishing his legal course, has followed in the footsteps of his father and has taken up the jeweler's art.

James B. DUFFY, H.S. '24, is enthused over Georgetown University, where he is now pursuing his educational attainments.

H.L. DUNNIGAN, '92, as an attorney is well known in Los Angeles, so no more need be said.

Herman ECK, H.S. '18, is foreman of the shop of the Moreland Motor Truck Company. He is out on South Main. Come over and see us sometime soon, Herman.

Gerald EGAN, H.S. '18, took up the study of law at U.S.C., and is now a practicing barrister.

Joseph F. FEEHAN, H.A. '19, is a student at Baltimore, where he is studying for the priesthood. Joe drops around when he is in town, to see the old boys.

Thomas P. FEELEY, H.S. '19, is also preparing the priesthood, but with the Jesuits at Los Gatos. Some day we will see Tom back at Loyola.

James V. FINAN, H.S., '24, is another Loyolan at the Southern Branch.

Eugene F. FITZSIMONS, H.S. '21, is boosting the Standard Oil wares, so when you need gas, he'll dispense them.

Elmer D. FLYNN, H.S., 16. They tell us that Elmer has become a farmer. Great stuff. Elmer, we''ll all come calling and try out the products.

Raymond A. FLINSKY, H.S. '23, has actually gone into the movies! Oh, no, not as a star, but into the mechanical end. Some day he may be head cameraman.

John J. FORD, H.S. '24, has sought the quadrangle of Stasnford in order that he may pursue his studies in the languages. He was down just before Easter.

Ignacio FORSTER, H.S. ' 18, is a proud daddy, and may be found out at Puejnte, where he is raising oranges.

J.A. FORTHMAN, B.S. '03, is one of the big men at the Los Angeles Soap Company, and they say he is the inventor of "Mission Bell" for cleanliness. J.A. is always right behind everything that spells Loyola.

George J. FOSDYKE, H.S. '21. Rumor bears the news of wedding bells. However, we do not vouch for the fact. George has been at Santa Clara.

Garrison A. FROST, H.S. '24, is following up his studies over at the Southern Branch.

John H. FRANCIS, H.S. '24, just about makes up the first dozen over at the Branch. Soon we'll have a special correspondent stationed there.

Vincent P. GANAHL, H.S. '13, is making the lumber company of the same name. However, don't let that keep you away from the Alumni gatherings.

John C. GAFFNEY, H.S. '21. Long John is now a member of the Jesuit order and is studying most diligently at Los Gatos.

William J. GERMAN, H.S. '18, has journeyed all the way to Howard University to complete his medical studies. He was formerly at Berkeley.

William C. GREENE, H.S. '20. Yes, Bill is now a genuine benedict, having been married rather quietly in February. He is keeping himself down in Mexico, managing the cattle ranch at Cananea. Best wishes, Bill.

Holly A. GRAINGER, H.S. '19. Holly has traveled back to Minnesota, where he now makes his home at Fergus Falls.

John Antone GOCKE, H.S. '23. John is preparing to be a doctor, and is taking his pre-medical course back at Notre Dame.

J. Stanley HALL, H.S. '15, is a married man and is making his hime out in Beverly Hills amongst the celebrities.

Ambrose W. HANLON, H.S. '21. They say Ambrose is growing thin, yet the Jesuit life has quite taken his fancy. Ambrose is at Los Gatos.

William J. HANLON, '99, has his offices in the Washington building, where he hiolds forth as an attorney.

J.E. HANNON, '11, has recently ventured out into an enterprise of his own. He is developing property near Riverside into country hgomes.

Oscar HASENCAMP, H.S. '17, is still in the insurance buisness. He is now the proud father of two children, a boy and a girl.

Gordon J. HATERT, Law '24, was admitted to practice last August, and is a full-fledged attorney, with offices in the Bartlett building. Gordon was married last October. Best wishes.

James J. HERLIHY, H.S. '12, is practicing law for himself now, although he still maintains his offices in conjunction with W.J. Ford.

Bernard L. HERLIGY, A.B. '20, is also attaining fame at the California bar, and is located in the Citizens' National Bank building.

Vincent C. HICKSON, A.B. '20, is associated with Thos. P. White in the practice of law. We expect soon to have a Loyola Bar Society, if the number of attorneys keeps on increasing.

Thomas HIGGINS, H.S. '20, graduates from Santa Clara this year with an L.L.B. degree. Strange though it seems, they report that Tom is growing thin over his books.

Bernard G. HISS, '21, has recently moved his law offices into the downtown district. Ben must have done well along Western Avenue, as he entered into matrimony early this year.

John T. HISS, H.S. '23, is pursuing a commercial course back at Notre Dame, where he is in his second year. John came home to be best man at his brother's wedding.

Richard HOLAHAN, H.S., '18, still stands behing the camera as an assistant cameraman, and is kept busy even nights, making Dick a hard man to find.

Theodore J. HOSINKSI, H.S. '21, has ventured forth as representative of the Premier Engraving Co., with offices on San Pedro St.

Dr. Walter HOLLERAN, '09, has reached the height of his profession and has acquired a name in the medical world. Yet he is right behind Loyola, and is well known to all the crowd.

Philip J. HOLDEN, H.S. '22, has been studying journalism back at Notre Dame.

Ennals IVES, '18, has recently disposed of his ranch at Madera, and is now back in the city, where he expects to locate permanently.

E.L. JANAL, '02, has been a resident of Minneapolis, Minn., ever since he received his degree from old St. Vincent's. He is in the milling business back there.

Frank P. JENAL ' 02, needs no introduction to Loyolans, especially the building attorneys, as he teaches them.

J.W. KAYS, '02, is in the real estate business in Los Angeles, and is also interested in banking, so we are told.

James J. KELLY, H.S., '17, is rapidly developing into a genuine Jesuit professor. Perhaps he will be stationed at Loyola in the near future, when his course of studies is complete.

Frank J. KEENAN, H.S. '16, has joined the city's engineering forces, and may be found at the Engineer's office in the city hall.

J.F. KENEALY, '92, is another engineer in the city, and has brcome quite well known in the local engineering circles.

Fred M. KELLER, 'H.S. '18, has bloomed forth into the real estate business, and is located in the Pacific Mutual building. Good luck, Fred; go to it!

Charles F. KLINKHAMMER, H.S. '17, is now a salesman for the Western Wholesale Drug Co. We also hear rumors of approaching wedding bells, but don't tell anyone.

Joseph KLINKHAMMER, H.S. '21, is the big gun down at the Forbush Printing Plant. Joe still is faithful to all the Alumni gatherings.

William KNOX, of the class of '22, has entered the surveyor's field, and has recently returned from working down in the Imperial Valley.

Berthold KOETTERS, H.S., '20, has long been associated with the Obrikat Fur Co. Bert has taken great interest in K.C. Circles, as well as in delighting the crowd with a song. Come around to the Alumni and let loose for us, Bert.

Joseph KUNNY, H.S. '19, they tell us, is turning to the gentle art of painting, but in the practical line of exterior deciorating.

A.A. LAMM, B.S., '04, is now the manager of the Hibernian Branch of the California Bank. These successful bankers don't come calling very often. Why not drop over, Art?

Victor F. LAWLER, H.S. '15, is still attending U.S.C. Be careful, Vic, that you don't become too infatuated with any but the Loyola Alumni.

Delbert J. LAYMAN, H.S. '22. We are told that Delbert is now a student at Menlo Park, but, like too many, he forgets to write us occasionally.

Raymond LEAVER, H.S. '20, was amongst those successful at the bar exams held last June. Ray has now entered the practice of the law and has become a familiar figure about the courts.

Kenneth G. LEE, H.S. '19, is one of our young insurance men, and will write you up for any amount. Kenneth is married, and perhaps that explains why he is seldom seen.

R.E. LOCKWOOD, B.S. '11, is engaged in engineering work, and is amonst the infrequent vistiors at the institution.

Donald J. LYIONS, N.J.S. , H.S. '24. Donald journeyed to Los Gatos at the end of the summer holidays last year. From the reports we receive, Donald hasn't changed a bit.

Allan MacDONALD, H.S. '22, after a trip to England, decided to continue his studies at Georgetown, and so is taking law in the Capitol City. He sends word that the East agrees with him. We look forward to his return.

Leo A. MADIGAN, S.J., H.S. '15, has returned to Loyola in the role of a professor, having completed his earlier Jesuit studies at Los Gatos.

Adelard T. NADEAU, H.S. '18, is a member of the city engineering forces. You may find Adelard in the City Hall as regular as the clock. Adelard is, however, married, and we see but little of him.

Cyril NIGG, H.S. '23, is at the Southern Branch. As a member of the Newman Club, he tood part in their recent play, "The Upper Room."

Clement D. NYE, H.S. '12, is with the legal department of the Standard Oil Company, and is located down at El Segundo.

Dutton F. O'BRIEN, H.S. '17, is with the Express, and has charge of the circulation department.

R.P. O'CONNOR, H.S '19, has recently become connected with the Larvex Moth-proofing Company, and is their Sales Manager.

E.J. O'CONNOR, H.S. '23, is the business manager for the West Jefferson Press, a snappy community newspaper.

Raytmond O'FLAHERTY, H.S. '20, is studying for the priesthood at Menlo Park. Ray has chosen well, and is delighted with the seminary.

Edward W. O'FLAHERTY, H.S. '23, is also studying for the priesthood, and is at the new sesminary at Los Altos. Ed is the same boy as ever, and is sure to visit us whenever he is down this way.

Anne O'KEEFE, Law '24, is the cort commissioner and is usually found in Department 31. Miss O'KEEFE passed the bar examination a year ago.

L.B. O'NEILL, B.S. ' 11, is a stockraiser and cattleman of South Dakota. However, he is a frequent visitor to Los Angeles to see his friends here.

THomas J. O'NEILL, H.S. '21, joined the Santa Clara Colony, and will finish his course in law this Juen, receiving his degree from our sister institution.

John A. O'SULLIVAN, H.S., '15. We are told that John is a sculptor, and is engaged in doing work out at the Hollywood Studios.

Harry R. OWENS, H.S. '20, has been in New York for the past yar, but is returning to Los Angeles, where he intends to start an orchestra of his own.

John V. PHELPS, '06, is amongst the dough, although he is not a baker. John is with the Bradford Baking Compay, and holds a responsible position.

Guy A. PICOU, H.S. '23, journeyed back to Notre Dame, where he is foloowing the commercial course.

Rev. Mgr. W.L. QUINN, A.B., '04, is now in New York, where is is the U.S. Director of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith.

Elisandro W. PALOMARES, of the Class of H.S. '20, is another member of the Loyola Law Colony at Santa Clara. 'Polly," with the others, will receive his degree this summer.

James B. REESE, H.S., '23, is a student at the Southern Brnach. He is also engaging in the theatrical line, having played the part of Joseph in the Newman Club production, "the Upper Room." He also handled the publicity for the play.

Marcus L. ROBERTS, H.S. '12, is another of our band of attorneys. Come and visit our law school some night, Marcus.

W.S. ROSENCRANS, '08, while interested in investments, has taken to ranching and may be found on the Rosencrans Rancho near Gardent.

Dr. G.C. SABICHI, '99, is ihn the city of Bakersfield, where he is physician for the Santa Fe.

Anthony J. SAUNDERS, H.S. '21, is amonst the many Loyolans who are connected with the California Glass Co. Why not come around occasionally, Tony?

Paul S. MAHAN, H.S. '19, is now in his last year at Berkeley, where he will complete his course in engineering.

L.M. MALONE, S.J., H.S. '17, is now in Washington, amongst the northern Jesuits. We hope to find him back in the south some time soon.

C. Kevin MALONE, H.S. '21, is with the California Glass Col,k and is a traveling salesman between here and Sacramento. Come around to the old school a little more often, Kevin.

C.N. MANDIS, B.S., '99, finds the lumber business quite active in his home city, Glendale.

Peter C. MANILE, B.S. '00, is an energetic member of the postal department. Drop over, Pete, and get acquainted.

Randal P. MARTIN, H.S. '19, holds down the teller's window at the Farmers and Merchants Bank. He makes another of those energetic bankers, but he finds time to drop around.

Lee B. McCONVILLE, A.B. '10, is engated in making the movies work. He is writing scenarios in Hollywood.

Daniel McGARRY, H.S., '24. Dan is up at the seminary at Los Altos, the Archbishop's new building. Dan knows no place any better, and is taken up with the studies, but remembers Loyola when he is down.

Francis McGARRY, of the Class of H.S. '20, is making a name for himself in the real estate business, and has offices on West Adams. He is married and lives on Fedora Street.

Francis J. McKEEVER, H.S. '18, is finishing up his medical studies in San Francisco, doing intern work ih connection with his studies at the University of California. Rubby will receive his degree this June.

E.H. McLAUGHLIN, H.S. '22, is now studying at the University of Southern California, while Johnny is with us at Loyola.

Andrew I. McNEIL, H.S. '16, has taken over the management of his father's business, and is kept busy with the J.V. McNeil Construction Co.

Edward McNEIL, H.S. '18, is looking after the construction of the new Orpheum Theater building on South Broadway, and you may know Ed will see that everything is O.K.

L. Joseph MESMER, '97, is around town selling real estate to all comers.

W.J. MIEDING, '09, is now with the telephone company here, and holds the respo9nsible positiomn of chief clerk to the head engineer.

John F. MORONEY, '18, has for the past few years been actively engaged in the practice of law. He is now teaching at the night school at Loyola.

Theodore MORONEY, H.S. '16, entered into the married life this year. Ted is now with the Union Hardware and Metal Co. as a salesman.

Thomas MONOHAN, H.S. '18, is in the employ of the Shell Oil Company, and has charge of one of the service stations.

Louis MULVIHILL, H.S. '18, has almost completed his studies for the priesthood. He is at Rochester, but only for a short time, as we expect to see him back in Los Angeles soon.

Lee MURRIN, H.S. '22. Sleepy Lee is right in the heart of Culver City now, having charge of the Standard Oil station ext right to the studios. We see Lee quite frequently, and only regret that we don't see the rest of the crod, also.

E.F. SCHALLERT, '08, is on the staff of the Los Angeles Times, and has responsible position of Dramatic Critic. We'll look for your comment on "The Private Secretary."

Frederick SCHERF, H.S. '18, was always interested in chemistry. Now he is working in the laborartory of the Whilshire Oil Company.

W.E. SCHROEDER, H.S. '24, is devoting his time to the care of the Post Office out in San Bernardino.

Cuthbert SCOTT, H.S. '20, returned to his former Alma Mater in England to continue his classical education.

John P. SCOTT, H.S. '23, is likewise a student at St. Cuthbert's College. Ushaw seems to attract; anyhow, Pat is in his glory, though he misses his flivver rides.

Joseph V. SEDWELL, H.S. '19, is among the year's grooms, and has settled down to the ways of married life. He is with the Larvex Mothproofing Company.

Richard SEDWELL, '09, is with the Golden State Electric Company. If you want radio equipment, see Dick. Dick is taking an active interest in the Alumni doings, as should all the Alumni.

William F. SHAFFER, H.S. '19, has moved out to the west end of Hollywood, where he has settled down to family life. Bill is a teller at the head office of the Security Bank.

D.S. SNEDDEN, A.B. '90, has become a professor of Sociology back at Columbia University, New York.

T.E. STANTON, '98, is in the State Engineer's Office up at Sacramento, hence we do not see much of him any more.

Gordon J. STEWART, H.S. '18, is still boosting Glendale. Gordon was lately married and has settled down in the foothill town. He is in the office of the Braun Co. on New High Street.

Earl STURDIVANT, H.S. '21, is happily married, and dwells out in the growing town of Gardena, where he is in the real estate business.

A.F. TOWNSEND, H.S. '21, has been with his father in the glass business since he left school. Evidently he is kept busy, as we see little of him.

Edward H. TYNAN, H.S. '17, is on the Standard Oil payroll, being out at the office in El Segundo.

Hilary R. WERTS, S.J., H.S. '23, is amongst the many at Los Gatos, from whim we hear so seldom. However, reports from his brother state that he is getting along quite well.

Thomas J. WHITE, H.S. '13, is another of the successful bankers. Tom is in the U.S. Bank, at the Second and Spring Branch.

Earl J. WILSON, H.S. '17. We hear that Earl is with the Board of Education. That's the stuff, boost it along.

Rev. M.F. WINNE, C.M. '07, is back in Denver at St. Thomas' Seminary, where he is the professor of philosophy.

W.H. WORKMAN, Jr., A.B. '92, is a civil engineer, and is around town qauite a bit, but seldom happens to be out toward Loyola.

Juan YCAZA, H.S. '20, has not been heard, nor seen, of late. We hope that he is sstill prospering down in Mexico.

C.E. ZIGRANG, H.S. '21, was studying Dentistry at U.S.C. the last we heard of him. Why not drop over our way once in a while and say hello?

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