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Source: Source: The Evening Bee (Sacramento, CA), 11 October 1906, Page 6.
Transcribed by Betty Loose.


Delegates from Many California Towns To Adopt New Constitution And Elect Officers

MARYSVILLE (Yuba Co.), October 11 - The General Association of Colored Baptists of California is in annual session in Marysville this week, organization having been effected at the opening session yesterday. The report of the Committee on Enrollment shows the following delegates present:

Woodland - Dr. J.A. DENNIS, Miss Cora HOWARD and Miss Florence GREENLEE
Esparto, Mrs. M.F. GAITHER
Pasadena - Rev. J.D. BUSHELL and Mrs. R.A. DENT
San Jose - Rev. and Mrs. A. LEWIS and son, S. TURNER, Mrs. D. PINKEY
Oakland - Rev. Dr. F.T. WALKER, Rev. C.C.X. LAWS, Mrs. J.B. WINKEY and Mrs. M.A. GILMORE
San Francisco - Miss Joy GIBSON, Mrs. K. McKEE, Mrs. E. WILLIAMS, Mrs. J.E. BROWN and Mrs. F.S. SIMPSON
Vallejo - Mrs. S.A. SMITH and Mrs. S.L. DAVIS
Bakersfield - G.L. GEARY
Stockton - J.H. BURROWS and H. MASON and wife
Fresno - Rev. J.L. ALLEN, Rev. John MORGAN, Mrs. E.G. VANDERBURG, Mrs. L. WATKINS, Mrs. E. JONES, Miss A. BERRY, Miss Bessie SPEARS and Mrs. H. BIGSBY
Hanford - Rev. G.W. AYRES and Mrs. A. ANDERSON
Sacramento - Rev. John M. COLLINS, William MATTHEWS, Miss Grace GRUBBS and Mrs. M. BRINSON and daughter

Rev. John MORGAN, of Fresno, is the presiding officer of the conference, and Rev. John M. COLLINS, of Sacramento, is acting as temporary Secretary in the place of the regular Secretary, Rev. John H. ALLEN. The address of welcome was delivered y G.W. WILSON, of the local congregation, and the response was made by Rev. LEWIS, of San Jose. "And He Prayed" was the subject of the introductory sermon by Rev. C.C.X. LAWS. There is a new constitution to be adopted, and this is being taken up
section by section and debated. Last evening a special session was held, at which Mayor HALL extended the freedom of the city to the delegates. The Chair has appointed working Committees as follows: Digest of Letter; Obituaries; Time, Place and Preacher of Annual Sermon; Missions, Nominations; New Bodies, Finance, Resolution, Sunday Schools, Religious Literature. The negro Baptists of the Unites States number more than 2,000,000 with 15,000 churches and 600 students in colleges and seminaries.

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