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Posted by Melody Miller on Sunday, May 17, 2015 at 06:31:53 :

In Reply to: Re: Littleman Groceterias posted by SB on Tuesday, November 13, 2012 at 14:52:49 :

I was married to Leon Miller's son Jeff. Leon was an amazing gentleman. It was a great chain of markets that did very well.

: One store was at the intersection of Homestead Rd.& Hollenbeck in Sunnyvale. Another was at Homestead Rd.& Scott Blvd. in Santa Clara. The owners were Abe & Leon Miller. The only reason that I know any of this is my father worked at both stores. I know he was there in 1959, I have a carving set that the Millers gave him during the holidays (the card is still in the box!)
: : : : Does anyone remember Littleman "Groceterias"? This was a small supermarket chain active in 1939-40 (probably before and after), either in San Francisco or nearby. I'm trying to determine where their stores were located. Thanks for any help!
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: : If you google Littleman Stores, San Francisco, you will get this:

: : http://www.groceteria.com/store/regional-chains/k-o/littleman-stores/

: : FYI, I worked for Littleman Stores, in the early 1960s. I understand they had a store on Castro, corner of 18th St. during WWII, and they could get butter (which was rationed), which led to their success. I vaguely remember that store.

: : The main office was on California Street, in the Laurel Village shopping center. I worked with the advertising manager, Bob, who was the greatest boss I ever had. I think he stayed with Littleman>Cala Foods>Kroeger chain for a long time. I also worked with the Sundry manager, Mr Hoffman, who was a very nice older man.

: : They had several stores in San Francisco, such as on 18th & Collingwood, Polk St(?), seems to be one on Geary or the Fillmore, and down the peninsula (such as Sunnyvale). There were, maybe, about 15 stores.

: : The owners were Jewish. I mention that because my name sounds Jewish and I've always thought that might be why I was hired. I had a good job and have no idea why I left, except that perhaps I was young and stupid.

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