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Posted by conrad Diaz on Monday, March 10, 2014 at 18:58:09 :

In Reply to: Re: Leonard R Flynn...and Le Conte posted by Michael Bendick on Saturday, December 12, 2009 at 10:13:56 :

I went to Le Conte in 63' Mr Flynn was principle
My teacher was Mr Greenleaf. And yes i remember getting into fights with school bullies Ronnie Clayton and Bobby Smith from the Army street projects.i remember my first crush her name was Linda Wylie. Wonder if a.yone has the class photos and know why school was named after Mr Flynn.

: : : : : : Anyone know who Leonard R Flynn was and why we have a school named for him? SFUSD has no clue.
: : : : : : =================
: : : : : : Hi Kurt,

: : : : : : There is a Leonard R Flynn found in the CADI http://vitals.rootsweb.com/ca/death/search.cgi

: : : : : : who died 08/16/1981 in San Mateo Co. Checking my SF City Directories I found a Leonard R Flynn in the 1955 SF City Directory working as a teacher in SF and living on 18th St. Later in the 1974 SF City Directory he is a principal at the Le Conte School in SF and living in San Bruno. I don't know what year the school was built, but if it was after 1981, they probably named it after him in tribute. If you can find the date the school was built, you may find in old newspapers, at the Public Library, who and why they named the school after him.

: : : : : : Nancy

: : : : I
: : : was a 6th grade student at Fremont Elementary School in 1959-60 and the teadher was leonard Flynn. I am wondering if this is the same Leonard R. Flynn. He was probably the most memorable teacher I ever had K through 12 and it would be a fitting honor to have a school named after him. He was a happy enthusiastic Irishman who made teaching fun and his encouragement to me was amazing. i hope this is the same Mr. Flynn. I would love more info on him as I of course lost track of him in the 60's. B

: : He was the Principal at Le Conte Elementary in the 60's when I was a student there.

: : Years later, I saw that the school was renamed to Leonard R. Flynn Elementary. I've always wondered how that came about.

: : I remember one St. Patrick's day, he came to our kindergarten class and made shamrock lollipops "magically" appear. We had to close our eyes first though!

: : I remember one time, my mom took me to see Mr. Flynn. I was one of the few Chinese kids at Le Conte, and I was getting bullied by other kids. He told my mom, "This is America. You are not in China anymore. If the bullies pick on him, you have to let him hit them back. You can't make him be so nice, or they will take advantage of him."!

: : I started learning martial arts shortly after that. 40 years later, I now teach kung fu. I'm still a nice guy(I think!), but have a hard @ss side as well. People always say I'm different than most Asians, haha.

: I began my education at Le Cont Elementary School in 1955...Kindergarten. I remember the hand held school bell that sounded the beginning of school and the end of recess. I only attended school there for half the year. My family moved to South San Francisco. I have often wondered who was Le Conte, as well as, Leonard R. Flynn...as I drive past the school over all these years.

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