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Girls orphanage in Presidio/19th Ave area

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Posted by Brian Arlon Sunday on Friday, January 20, 2006 at 19:29:00 :

I am hoping someone can help me with this. My grandmother and uncle relocated to San Francisco from Salt Lake City around 1929-1930. Once settled, my grandmother called for her girls - my mother, her twin sister and her older sister. Once the Depression was in full swing, my grandmother had to put the girls in an orphanage, which is what I presume the institution was - my mother referred to it as THE HOME. Since my grandmother lived out in the Avenues, I am not sure if this memory is from her place or the orphanage, but my mother claimed that they could see Letterman General Hospital being built. Also, going out 19th Avenue on more than one occasion, my mother would point off toward the right and say the THE HOME was over in that direction. It is no longer there, nor has it been for many years, and as I recall, we were getting near the Presidio when my mother pointed it out. My mother, her sisters and my uncle are all with God now so I have no other recourse. I was wondering if anyone could help me find out the name and exact location of this place. My mother did once tell that it was, more or less, financially run by three sisters who lived in either Atherton or Woodside. She called them the Chin Sisters - this was to do with their rotundity, rather than their ethnic persuasion. If it helps, the family members involved were the Hill sister, Lorene and the twins, Doris and Dolores (Doris Hill was my mother). I now live in Boston and have tried online research with various San Francisco historical groups, to no avail. How long the orphanage was there, I am not sure, but the dates of my mother's stay would roughly have been 1931 to 1935. Thanks a million in advance!

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