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Mill Valley Record
Saturday, September 9, 1922
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Automobile Runs Wild; a Fatality Results
It was about 4:30 o’clock Tuesday afternoon that C. J. Pierard was notified that an accident had occurred among the workers of the Pacific Gas and Electric Company, who were digging ditches and laying gas pipes at the corner of Blithedale and Throckmorton aves. On investigation he found that G. Mirata, working in the ditch, which was about four feet deep, had been crushed by a wild automobile.

The street at this corner was considerably torn up and a compressor being used by the workmen necessarily stood in the way, making the passage narrow.

Mrs. Rilla Clark, wife of L. J. Clark, gas construction foreman for the Pacific Gas and Electric Company, drove around the corner in an automobile. The car had four occupants besides Mrs. Clark. There were with her own child, her sister and the sister’s two children. A Ford car coming from an opposite direction and Mrs. Clark’s car struck, breaking the steering gear of Mrs. Clark’s car. Her car veered across the street, hitting a telephone pole, and rebounded obliquely across the street again in the direction of the entrance to the Eveready Garage. The car shot past the oil pump, the two wheels falling into the freshly opened ditch. Some of the workmen called to Mr. Mirata, who was working in the ditch at this point, but he had no time to heed the warning. Upon being taken to Dr. G. M. Landrock’s office it was found that the lower pelvis of the injured man’s body was badly crushed. The end came within an hour of the accident.

Mrs. Clark was driving a secondhand car that had been purchased only recently and it is reported that she carried no driver’s license.

J. D. McCarty of the claims department of the Pacific Gas and Electric Company came to Mill Valley Wednesday morning. He said the company was in no wise responsible for the accident, yet in accordance with the provisions of the State Compensation Act relating to such emergencies the company would pay the wife of the deceased workman a sum of about $3600.

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Accident Takes the Father of a Family

The passing of G. Mirata of 12 Bay View ave. occurred Tuesday afternoon, September 5.

He was employed by the Pacific Gas and Electric Company as one of the force of men digging the ditches for the gas pipes which are now being laid for the first time in Mill Valley. Mr. Mirata was working near the entrance of the Eveready Garage on the corner of Blithedale and Throckmorton aves., when an automobile over which the driver had lost control ran into the ditch striking Mr. Mirata in such a manner that he sustained internal injuries of a most serious nature. Assistance came at once and he was carried to the office of Dr. G. M. Landrock and as soon as the ambulance could be secured he was taken to the Emergency Hospital at San Rafael, where life was pronounced extinct. He was conscious for a short time only after the accident.

Mr. Mirata was about 40 years of age and had resided in Mill Valley for some years. He leaves a wife and a son 10 years of age and two daughters younger. One daughter passed away 11 years ago.

Funeral services are held at Mt. Carmel Church at 10 o’clock today. Interment will be in Fernwood Cemetery, whore the little daughter was laid to rest 11 years ago.

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