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Marin Journal
Thursday, July 8, 1915
Page 5

Sarah Gilleran, nee Sheridan, who passed away last week at the county hospital, was born in Orange Co., New York., January 2, 1846, and was married to Michael Gilleran January 1, 1867.

They were the parents of one child, a boy who died at the age of 7 years.

They came to California, March, 1876 (for her health via the Isthmus and lived for a while at Santa Cruz, and then came to San Rafael, May, 1877.

At that time there were only about two dozen houses in the town, the most prominent buildings being the old Mission, Central hotel and the B street school. The class of people, who were mostly Spanish and Indians, used to have bull fights on San Rafael day and fandangoes every Saturday night.

In those days the transportation was by stage to San Quentin and thence by stern wheel boat to the city.

The Gillerans had placed their little savings in a bank at Santa Cruz and seeing a good chance to buy a lot in San Rafael, Mrs. Gilleran went to Santa Cruz for some money with which to buy the lot, accompanied by a halfbreed Indian girl. When she arrived in San Rafael she placed the money between the mattresses of her bed. In the night some one accidentally brushed against her arm which awakened her in time to save herself and money from the halfbreed Indian girl who was trying to chloriform her. She awakened just in time to save Mr. Gilleran who was unconscious. Drs. Taliaferro and DuBois worked over Mr. Gilleran for a couple of hours before they succeeded in saving him. The Indian girl was not prosecuted but driven from the town never to return.

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