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The Marin Journal
Thursday, 16 Oct 1902
Page 8

Found Dead Saturday Evening on the San Anselmo Road.
Last Saturday evening the dead body of a man was found by two boys in a field beside the San Anselmo road and the coroner was immediately notified, arriving before the body was yet cold. By his side lay a new. 38-calibre Smith & Wessen revolver. Three bullet wounds, one in the temple and two near the heart, appeared to have been self-inflicted.
All that could lead to the dead man's identity had been carefully removed except a key-ring which bore the name of Charles Becker. The coroner, upon inquiry, learned that one of that name had been for some years stopping at the St. Nicholas in San Francisco and a clerk of that hotel came over and established the identity of the dead man beyond a doubt. At the inquest Tuesday morning it was ascertained that Charles Becker was an ex-soldier, having served several enlistments in the regular army as a non-commissioned officer, was a man of good family connections in his native town in Germany. He always appeared to have plenty of money which he drew regularly from Wells Fargo & Co's bank in San Francisco. He made but few friends, being a quiet, easy-going man. Those who knew him best were over at the inquest and testified that they knew of no reason he could have had for doing away with himself.
The suicide was an exceedingly well preserved man of 62, was well dressed and cleanly shaven, and his shoes were neatly polished. Aside from his keys and watch, he had little in his pockets except some three dollars in silver.
The cause of the suicide is likely to remain a mystery so far as anything that is likely to transpire in this locality is concerned. Coroner Eden is anxious to obtain the dead man's discharge papers from the army, so that the government will provide means to give him suitable burial.

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