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The Marin Journal
Thursday, July 28, 1910
Page 1

Roy Barney Solves Mountain Mystery

C. Roy Barney, who has been spending time with other members of the Sierra Club in mountain climbing, has reported the finding portions of the effects and the body of J. D. Archibald, who was lost in the mountains at the head of the Kings River two years ago while attempting to climb Mount Rixford.

Barney was the first of the group to find pieces of clothing. A watch, $19, and other articles, and some bones of the body were found, and sufficient evidence to convince them that they were relics of the lost man.

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Los Angeles Herald
27 June 1908
Page 2

Lost in Sierras
FRESNO, June 26. J. D. Archibald, a young student of Cornell university, is lost in the high Sierras. He has been missing for seven days and his four companions camped forty miles above Millwood, today asked help from Sheriff Chittenden to find him. His fraternity In the University of California has also been appealed to. Tomorrow morning a party with bloodhounds will start on the hunt.

Los Angeles Herald
28 June 1908
page 3

FRESNO, June 27. R. D. Pike of San Francisco left in an automobile this morning for the Kings river canyon to hunt for J. D. Archibald, the Cornell student who has been missing for seven days after wandering by himself on a tour. Pike secured a bloodhound near this city which he hopes will aid him In the search. At Millwood the services of Frank Lewis, one of the best mountaineers In the state, will be pressed into service. The opinion is that Archibald has met with an Injury and may have starved to death.

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