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Marin Journal
November 4, 1941
Page 1

Blow On Chin Results In Death

A quarrel which resulted in the death of one of the combatants took place Sunday afternoon in Tamalpais Valley following a night’s carousel in which liquor played an important role.

Struck on the chin by Andreas C. Anderson, Olaf Andersen (sic), life long friend of his assailant, was knocked to the ground, his head striking a pile of cricks. Death was almost instantaneous.

Olaf Anderson, his wife, the latter’s sister, Mrs. Ada Orndorff, and another friend, John H. Carlson, came over Saturday night from San Francisco to camp for the week-end. Shortly before noon Sunday Andreas Andersen (sic), a boarder at the home of Olaf and a fellow workmen (sic), joined the party. Both men are said to have been somewhat under the influence of liquor. They quarreled, and, according to Andreas Anderson, Olaf invited him outside their tent to fight. The encounter was over with the one blow. Word was sent immediately to Coroner J. Ray Keaton, who notified the sheriff’s and District Attorney’s offices. Statements were taken of the witnesses and members of the party and Andreas Andersen, repentant and weeping over the death of his friend, was placed in the county jail pending further investigation. The body was removed to the morgue by Coroner Keaton and Monday it was shipped to San Francisco for burial. Both the Andersens held membership in the Fishermen’s Union and were sailors by occupation. They lived at 2990 Twenty-first street.

A coroner’s jury Tuesday night exonerated Andersen from blame in connection with Olaf Andersen’s death. The verdict recited that in the opinion of the jury the blow which knocked the man to the ground was struck in self defense.

The case will be taken before the grand jury by District Attorney Greer.

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