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San Rafael Independent
Saturday, June 16, 1928
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Woman Burned To Death By Flaming Oil

Converted into a human torch when a can of kerosene, with which she was filling an oil stove at her home in Bolinas, exploded in her hands, covering her from hear to foot with flaming oil. Mrs. A. M. Olivera, 45 years of age, was so terribly burned that she died yesterday at the hospital, where she was removed for treatment. According to Dr. R. G. Dufficy, who attended Mrs. Olivera, almost every inch of skin was burned from the unfortunate woman’s body.

Mrs. Olivera was alone at the time of the accident, her husband, a well-known rancher of the Bolinas section, who was outside the house, being first attracted by the sound of the explosion and the screams of his wife. Rushing into the kitchen, he found Mrs. Olivera writhing on the floor, her clothing a mass of flames and the dwelling on fire. Dragging his wife from the house, Olivera extinguished the flames after her clothing had been almost entirely consumed and rushed her to the office of Dr. F. M. Cannon who ordered her removed at once to the hospital, where Dr.Dufficy was called to assist in dressing her injuries.

While Olivera was caring for his wife, the flames caused by the exploding oil gained such headway in the ranch house that when neighbors, attracted by the fire, reached the scene, the dwelling was a mass of flames. The house, with its contents, was completely destroyed.

According to announcement today, arrangements for the funeral of Mrs. Olivera have not yet been completed.

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Monday, June 18, 1928
Page 2

Oil Explosion Victim Laid to Final Rest

Mrs. A. M. Olivera, Bolinas woman who died on Saturday morning of burns received when a can of oil exploded as she was filling a stove, the night before, was taken to Pleasanton, her birthplace, on Saturday, where the funeral was held.

Mrs. Olivera was formerly Miss Louise Smith and was a member of a well known family there.

Arrangements for the funeral were in the hands of Keaton & Dusel.

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