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San Rafael Independent
Wednesday, June 6, 1928
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Novato Ranch Owner Found Dead In Home
Mystery Veils Suicide of Timothy Callaghan, Prosperous Prune Grower

Novato, June 6 – Seated in an armchair, directly over the open end of a disconnected gas range main, from which a full head of gas was flowing, Timothy Callaghan, 55, of 2643 24th street, San Francisco, was found dead in the kitchen of his six-acre farm home a quarter of a mile west of here by a neighbor, Charles Olson, this morning at 5ive o’clock.

No reason has as yet been determined for the suicide. Callaghan was well liked and had won several ribbons for his prune exhibit at the Marin County fa[i]r last year. He usually spent several months each year at the Novato farm which is planted to orchard.

A small note book was found in the kitchen containing fifteen names, the first of which his brother, William Callaghan of the Pope-Talbot Lumber company of San Francisco who was immediately notified this morning by Coroner J. Ray Keaton.

Callaghan, according to Deputy Coroner Harry Williams, has been sleeping in a tank house on the ranch. Investigation proved that he had turned on the gas at the meter in the basement, and had then closed all the doors and windows of the kitchen, and seated himself in the chair, calmly awaiting death.

The body was removed to the morgue in San Rafael.

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