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The Marin Journal
Thursday, December 31, 1931
Page 7

Mrs. W. J. Wickman Answers Death’s Call

Beloved by all who knew her, Mrs. Henrietta Dutton Wickman was called by death Friday morning at her home in San Francisco. Hosts of friends whom she had helped in time of illness and stress were deeply grieved at her passing, for she was known by all to be an “angel of mercy.”

Mrs. Wickman was a pioneer of Marin County, having been born in Tomales, and she was 66 years of age. She was the wife of the late Dr. W. J. Wickman, and both she and her husband were well known and much loved among poor and rich for their work of mercy.

She was a daughter of the late Dr. G. W. Dutton, who had a wide practice in Marin County.

Deceased was the mother of Loretta C. Tuck, George W. Wickman, Margaret B. Ferguson, Ruth A. Denman, Geraldine B. Wickman, Henrietta B. Fuldwider and the late William I. Wickman, sister of M_? Jennie Augustine and George W. Dutton and wife of the late Dr. Wickman.

Hundreds of Marin County residents journeyed to San Francisco to attend funeral services Monday morning, when a requiem mass was offered for the repose of her soul at St. Monica’s Church.

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