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The Marin Journal
Thursday, February 21, 1901
Page 10

Suicide of Henry L. Barker

Henry L. Barker, for the past 20 years in the employ of the Remilliard Brick Company, committed suicide at Greenbrae yesterday by taking two tablespoonfuls of Rough on Rats.

For the past 9 years, Barker has held the position of bookkeeper at the company’s yard at Greenbrae being employed prior to that time by the company at Oakland.

A week ago last Friday Peter Remilliard, the superintendent of the company, having suspected that everything was not correct regarding the money belonging to the company, called Barker into the office and questioned him. Barker then admitted that his accounts were short about $800.

Remilliard then left for San Francisco and on returning Friday introduced Barker to his successor, Harry Walker. Barker then went to his cabin and a few minutes later came out and walked to the end of the wharf, about fifty feet from the cabin and threw something into the water. He then walked toward San Quentin.

After he was gone about an hour, Remilliard sent two of his men to see where Barker went. The men went along the road for about 500 yards and then entered a gulch. After they had gone but a short distance toward the top of the gulch they came upon the body lying in the bed of the creek. The deceased was lying on his back and was dead when found. The men then returned to the brickyard and informed Remilliard of their ghastly find. Coroner Eden was notified and took charge of the body and took it to the morgue.

P. Remilliard states that he has made an investigation as to what became of the money and found that all or nearly all of it went into the nickel slot machines of San Francisco and San Quentin. He states that Barker was not a drinking man nor a gambler, his one failing being a desire to win from the machines.

The coroners inquest was held on Friday. Mary O. Barker testified that she was a sister-in-law of the deceased; that he had never married; that he was a native of Massachusetts and that he was over 60 years of age. It was found that Barker came to his death by suicide with poison.

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