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Independent Journal
Tuesday, January 10, 1967
page 4

Adolph A. Tiscornia Dies AT 82

Adolph A. Tiscornia, an attorney who found his own personal gold mine in land and real estate, died yesterday in his sleep at his San Francisco home. He was 82.

The tough, shrewd investor, who once lived on the 20-acre Escalle estate in Larkspur, amassed millions by being patient.

He bought land when the buying price was low and held it until he got the price he wanted from buyers.

Headlines were made in 1963 when he completed a deal for which he had waited 30 years. He turned over a stretch of Kearny Street in San Francisco to the Bank of America on a 99-year lease reportedly worth $2 million. The property had stood as a decaying eyesore in the city since the Depression.

At that time he had his summer home in Larkspur and despite his 79 years, kept fit by “chopping down trees on my place in Marin.”

His prowess in real estate grew from his early days as a lawyer. Born in Calaveras County, he graduated from the University of California and Hastings Law School in the class of 1910. He started to practice law and became an expert in condemnation suits and legal matters involving land.

As he began to make money in law, he wais he held on to it to make more while other lawyers bought Cadillacs “to make the public think they were rich.”

When everyone was selling land at a loss in the depths of the Depression, Tiscornia kept buying. Eventually, his patience was rewarded.

He continued in real estate up to the time of his death. He owned property off Magnolia Avenue in Larkspur and in Sausalito as well as in other parts of the state.

He gave bonds worth $2,500 to the City of Sausalito “with no strings attached” two years ago. He also gave other money to organizations in Marin County, including the Boy Scouts.

Tiscornia was president of Federal Ornamental Iron and Bronze Co. in Sausalito and a director of the Orpheum Building Co., in San Francisco.

He was a member of the Olympic Club for 50 years and of the San Francisco Bar Assn.

His only son, Marine Capt. Edward Tiscornia, was killed in action in Okinawa in 1945.

He is survived by two brothers, Chester Tiscornia of San Andreas and Waldo Tiscornia of Tuscon, Ariz., and by one grandchild.

Funeral arrangements are pending.

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