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1880 U.S. Census Index-LDS 
1930 Federal Census 
Great Register of Voters 
Medical Examiner (Coroner) 
National Archives 
Native Daughters of the Golden West 
Roman Catholic Church Archives 
Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps 
Social Security Records 
Sutro Library (federal census records)

Essential Research Tools
  • "A Research Journey with Ron Filion:  In Search of A.W. Barron"
  • NORCAL Genealogy Index

  • This is a miscellaneous and informal collection of research tips, helpful hints, and "secrets" shared by other researchers who have worked with specific Santa Clara County area records. By sharing their experiences and knowledge here, they've enabled all of us to pick up some useful "tricks" to finding and working with these records.

    Bear in mind that these people do not all profess to be "experts"! These generous volunteers are merely sharing their observations, which may be different than your own experience.

    If you have different information than what is given on this page, by all means, please share with us! If you have any hints or tips to share regarding San Mateo County records that you feel might help others, please let us know so that they can be included here.

    This could help us all avoid needless time, expense, and frustration when searching for our Alameda County ancestors!

    "Thank you!" to all the volunteers who have submitted information for this page!


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