DRAFT *** Source: Early California Wills, California: California Society, D.A.R., 1952, 952 pgs. *** ---page 6-11--- 11 Will of Caleb Strong Tuttle, Santa Clara, California. (Will filed in records of County Clerk, San Jose, County of Santa Clara, State of California.) Dated: 6 August 1853 Probated: 9 Sept. 1853 I desire for my body to be decently interred and funeral conducted in a manner corresponding with my estate and my station in life.....just debts and funeral expenses to be paid. I appoint my beloved wife, Maria Tuttle, executrix. I also will and bequeath to my daughters Susan M. Tuttle and Abby Smith Tuttle all the property willed to me by my father Obidiah Tuttle, togeather with such other property as I purchased in 1849, all lying in the State of Massachusetts, to be divided equally between them. I also appoint their uncle Samuel Constant executor to carry out my will in reference to said property togeather with any other property herein after willed to such daughters. To each of said daughters is bequeathed $4000 from testator's California estate. The said $8000 to be deposited with Adams and Company, San Francisco, as soon as convenient and forwarded to daughters in City of New York. The remainder of property including the copartnership and property of the firm of Tuttle & Lawrence is bequeathed to my wife, Maria Tuttle. Also all personal property in County of Santa Cruz. Also all personal and household property now on the ship "Ganges". Also two houses and lots in Yuba city. Also one lot in the town of Ackolas. The deeds of which are now in her possession. I aslo [also] bequeath to her one-hundred and forty acres of land to which I am entitled for services rendered in the Mexican War. The paper proving my right to the same being now in the hands of my sisters in the City of New York, and by them be forwarded to my beloved wife. (Signed): Caleb Strong Tuttle. Executrix: Maria Tuttle (wife). Executor: Samuel Constant. Witnesses: Isaac Owen. Asa Vestal. ---end---