b *** Source: Early California Wills, California: California Society, D.A.R., 1952, 952 pgs; Volume 3. *** ---page 218--- 218 TEBBUTT, E. W. Will filed in the office of the County Clerk of San Diego Co. Reg. of Action of Probate Proceedings Vol. 5, P. 151 Box 1219 Died: June 4, 1894, 63 years old. Residence: San Diego, California Dated: April 20, 1894 Son: John Edward Tebbutt, Phoenix, Arizona Others: Friends, John M. Young Partner, John Gray Administrators: John Gray, San Diego, Calif. W. W. Stewart, San Diego, Calif. Witnesses: Oleographic Will Probated: Nov. 27, 1894 ---end---